Col. C. P. Jayawerdena Competition 2017

The competition for the Col. C. P. Jayawerdena Memorial Shield was held from the, 23rd to the 24th of September 2017. The following took part in the competition to retain the shield,

D.S. Samaraweera – Patrol Leader.

K.M.A.I. Kulathunga – Assistant Patrol Leader

K.M.G.H. Kulathunga – Q.M. Gear

A.F.A. Nishad – First Aider

N.L.B. Purijala

S.K. Jayatilleke – Q.M. Food


Through Disura’s impeccable leadership, the team managed to bag another win for the troop with an overall lead of a 200 points. With this victory, the troop will be keeping the shield for a 10th consecutive year.