Scout Investiture – 2015


“The investiture ceremony is the time when a Scout, by means of the words of the Scout Promise, publicly announces their commitment to the Scout Law. At the ceremony, the Scout makes the Promise to the Scouts and Scouters of their troop and to all the Scouts of the world. It is once the recruit has made the promise that he is a Scout.”

An Investiture for the newly joined recruits was held on Saturday the 7th of March 2015 and 6 new recruits got invested and were welcomed by the Group Scout Leader and the Scout Leader.

The investiture is the beginning of a special time in a young person’s life. Scout-aged children are entering the stage of life when they desire to break away from their parents, find out about the world, and try to shape their own identity in it. It is Scouting’s desire that a major part of the identity that these young people form is that of being a Scout.

For most Scouts, making the Scout Promise means making a commitment that their parents have not. Because of this, the point of making the Promise is an act of breaking away from their parents; of asserting a separate identity. If young people have the opportunity to safely break away from their parents, they will not feel the need to break away in other, less-safe ways, such as by joining teen gangs or by the use of drugs. In support of this, parents should not be present at the investiture ceremony.

See the photos of the event:-