Opening a new chapter in Sri Lankan Scouting…


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The Inaugural Investiture Ceremony for the first batch of Singithi Scouts took place on the 13th of November 2014 at S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia under the distinguished patronage of the First Lady, Madam Shiranthi Rajapaksa who graced this memorable occasion as the Chief Guest.

This concept, known internationally as Beaver Scouts, comes from the World Organisation of the Scout Movement, which encourages all students between five and a half years to seven years to experience Scouting.

S. Thomas’ College was selected to host this ceremony and also to initiate the Singithi Scout movement in Sri Lanka, as it has been actively involved in Cub Scouting for the past 90 years. It has nurtured and developed many boys to be independent, obedient, useful and model citizens, to face any circumstance with courage.

The initial letter regarding initiating the proceedings of this process was sent by the present Chief Commissioner of Sri Lanka Scouts – Prof. Nimal de Silva, addressed to the Warden of S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia in September. The Warden gladly approved the project and the Chief Commissioner was informed of the same. Following this, a training programme was conducted for the Singithi Scout teachers on the 23rd of September by the Head Quarters Commissioner (Singithi Scouts), regarding the new syllabus and the structure of the programme.

Hence, the first batch of Singithi Scouts in the country, which consisted of 65 students in number, was enrolled on the 7th of October under the direction of the Chief Commissioner. The uniform pattern, cap, flower patches and the progress card were designed by the 16th Colombo Scout Group and the Chief Commissioner approved them on the 25th of October and requested other schools to follow the same. The required 5 group meetings were completed on the 4th of November and this batch was registered in Colombo District branch on the 4th itself informing the Chief Commissioner and the District Commissioner of the Colombo District. This is therefore the first batch of Singithi Scouts registered in Sri Lanka (Please note that according to the syllabus, it is necessary to complete 5 group meetings to register, and only the 16th Colombo Scout Group succeeded in performing the relevant and necessary provisions). Mrs. Renuka (HQC – Singithi Scouts) came for the rehearsal on 11th of November to finalise the arrangements of this national function.

Singithi Scouts will get many opportunities to put their talents to good use and have fun outdoors. The Singithi Scouts programme will be based on more outdoor activities and fun filled play time that will enable the little ones to bring out their talents. Areas of work include: handwork, games, acting, singing and storytelling. Furthermore, this programme, which is world renowned as one of the best methods, is intended to educate young children through the most simplest of ways. Singithi Scouting has been implemented with the intention of encouraging young children to come forward with their talents and also to prepare them for Cub Scouting.

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